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East Cliff Pre-Schools Story So Far........

East Cliff Pre-School Bournemouth was our first setting opening in 2013.

We expanded and opened our Winton site September 2019.

Followed by our latest setting at St James' Pokesdown which opened in September 2021.

Our ethos is to ensure all children in our care get the very best start in their education journey. Ensuring we educate both the children and families in all areas of child development. 

We believe in 'Education for All' meaning we will do what we can to allow all children to access early years education.

We focus on our 4 learning values

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Democracy

  • Independence

  • Mutual Respect



Designed with YOUR Child at the Centre



We want the children to be able to express and understand their emotions, to be able to vocalise them, and then take steps to help them enjoy or overcome those emotions, and how I (the child) behave afterwards.
To learn the skill of self-regulation, when 'my' emotions need me to take a minute. 
The children are given the tools and understanding to deal with conflicts that might arise with other children.
Children take part in developing their Golden Rules, to help them feel part of the setting’s behavioural expectations.



The children are taught to respect other people, their views and feelings, they are taught to encourage turn-taking, sharing and collaborating, using a method that works for them.
Children are taught everyone has a voice; the children have opportunities to vote when making a choice in a group, with a show of hands, teaching them the feeling of not only getting what they want but also learning how to deal with compromise or feelings of disappointment.
We also let the children experience team sports; i.e. our sports day and obstacle challenges in groups, where we do have 'winners' and runners up.



We encourage children to become independent and enabled so they can grow to be confident able learners, ready for the next step on their educational journey. Providing opportunities for children to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Allowing children to take risks, according to their development, teaching them the ‘have a go’ learning style. 
At meal times we help to show the children how to become independent in accessing their food and preparing it.
We understand the importance that the children need to be able to confidently and independently attend their personal hygiene and toileting needs and requirements.



We aim to create an environment where everyone is treated equally and where different faiths, cultures, abilities and race are valued and celebrated. Children should feel able to share their opinions and we teach the children to respect the views and opinions of their peers. Children should understand that everyone has different opinions, faiths and beliefs. We aim to engage with the wider community. We enjoy stories which promote diverse attitudes and where it allows adults and children to challenge stereotypes.

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